Johnny Depp Sued Over Iggy Pop Concert Brawl

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Johnny Depp has been a fan of Iggy Pop's for years; in fact, Pop was an early idol for the actor/musician. Depp had the opportunity to play an opening set for the punk legend as a teenager, and when he finally met his idol it didn't quite go down like he'd imagined it would. It began with Depp yelling obscenities at Iggy rather than do something lame like introduce himself, and Iggy didn't take too kindly to it, calling Depp a "little turd".

Of course, the two later became friends after working together on the John Waters film "Cry-Baby"; Pop played Depp's grandfather, of all things.

Depp checks out live shows whenever he can, and last December he met up with his old friend at Pop's show in L.A. That's where the trouble started.

Robin Eckert, a 52-year old woman who was seated in the V.I.P. area with Depp, says his security team caused her bodily harm and humiliation and is suing for an unspecified amount.

Eckert says she was just trying to reach her seat when the actor's bodyguards attacked her from behind, restrained her, and pinned her wrists behind her back. They also allegedly tore her cell phone--which she says contained confidential medical data about her patients--from her hands "one finger at a time". She claims she suffered several injuries from the incident--which included the men dragging her from her chair, causing her pants to be yanked down and her backside to be exposed to other concert-goers--and that the injuries only added to existing painful fibromyalgia.

Eckert filed a police report after the concert, and TMZ reported that she appeared to be intoxicated at the time. Johnny Depp has yet to comment.

Amanda Crum
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