Johnny Depp Plays Donald Trump in Secretly Filmed "Funny or Die" Spoof

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Johnny Depp is unrecognizable as Donald Trump in a new hour-long spoof secretly filmed by the "Funny or Die" people. Based on Trump's book, Art of the Deal, the short film was released on Wednesday.

"Funny or Die" co-founder Adam McKay and editor-in-chief Owen Burke kept the filming of the spoof under wraps until just after the New Hampshire primaries on Tuesday.

"The plan was to move really fast because we thought Trump would go away, as least as a presidential candidate," Burke said in a recent interview. "When he bizarrely didn't go away, we had a little more time. But that meant keeping the secret for longer."

"We had a few people sign non-disclosures," Burke admitted. "But mostly we just begged people not to say anything."

"It was a crazy, completely nuts idea that somehow we pulled off," McKay said.

Johnny Depp--as Donald Trump--recites several one-liners that are not all that off track based on some of the strange things Trump likes to say.

"By day, it's me against the city," Johnny Depp says using his Trump-like mannerisms. "By night, it's me and the city."

"This is the opposite of a mistake! This is a good stake," Depp, as Trump, declares.

Donald Trump has yet to react to the spoof. Do you expect he will like the fact that he was played by Johnny Depp?

When you see it, see if you wouldn't know it's Johnny Depp had you not already been told.

Kimberly Ripley
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