Joey Feek Lives to See Daughter Indiana's Second Birthday, Celebrates Several Milestones from Deathbed

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Joey Feek reach a milestone she prayed and prayed to see. On Wednesday her little girl Indiana celebrated her second birthday, and Joey Feek lived to celebrate, albeit from her deathbed.

Rory Feek shared an awe-inspiring Instagram post on Wednesday, showing a smiling Joey Feek with their birthday girl.

"...some birthdays are more than just birthdays. They're dreams coming true and prayers being answered," he captioned the precious photo.

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Little Indy's birthday was the third milestone Joey Feek achieved in recent days. She wanted to live to see the new Joey + Rory album released. "Hymns That Are Important to Us" came out last Friday. Joey wanted to see one last Valentine's Day, which she celebrated with her husband on Sunday. Then on Monday, she and Rory, along with several of their family members and dear friends, watched the Grammy Awards. Joey + Rory received their first-ever Grammy Award nomination for their song, "If I Needed You." Although they lost out to Little Big Town's "Girl Crush," the country/bluegrass duo is more than thrilled with their nomination. Rory Feek's daughters from a previous relationship--Hopie and Heidi--attended the Grammy Awards on behalf of Joey and Rory.

"...more than enough," Rory captioned this photo of the one and only Joey + Rory Grammy Award nomination medal.

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Joey Feek has been in hospice care since early fall, when she learned her chemotherapy and radiation treatments weren't working. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in 2014, and the cancer has since spread.

Yes, Joey Feek achieved milestones in the past week, but she gave Rory and her family so much more. They will long remember her presence as they watched the Grammy Awards. Rory will always remember the last Valentine's Day with the woman who--even after 14 years of marriage--he calls his bride. And an abundance of photos likely exist to show Indiana one day that her mommy fought a long fight, but stayed to celebrate her second birthday.

Joey Feek is an example of strength, and an example of strong Christian faith. She has inspired many through her recent fight.

Joey + Rory music will continue to provide that inspiration, long after Joey Feek is gone.

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