Joey Feek Growing Perilously Frail, Holding Out Hope for Spring

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Joey Feek is growing more perilously frail by the day, but despite what terminal cervical cancer is doing to her body, she is still holding out hope for spring.

Husband Rory Feek--half of the country/bluegrass duo known as Joey + Rory--has blogged about Joey Feek's battle with cancer. He writes about that springtime hope that pretty much no one but Joey dares to imagine.

"Spring is my wife’s favorite season," Rory writes of Joey in his blog, This Life I Live. "It always has been. It’s when she feels most alive. And this year, in spite of all she’s going through…is no exception."

In recent days, Joey Feek began asking members of her family to start saving the shells of their eggs from breakfast each morning.

"Then last week, after she sent us to the store for potting soil, she started her seeds," Rory writes.

Rory knows this is Joey's way to prepare for springtime, "something she might not even get to see at all," he shares in the blog post he titled "Sowing Seeds."

"So thin and gaunt, and more frail than ever, my wife is sowing her seeds--putting down roots in the soil of our lives and hearts," he continues.

Just a few days later, some of Joey Feek's seeds sprouted.

"It was a beautiful sight to see," Rory adds. "Even our little Indy was in amazement. It was her first time to really see her mama's green thumb in action. As fun as it is to see the seeds coming to life, this isn't just fun for Joey."

"She does it because it's important to her. Planting a garden and raising food that she can feed her family is part of who Joey is. That doesn't stop just because you have cancer or are stuck in a bed for months-on-end. Life goes on," Rory writes.

Joey Feek is planting seeds for more than one reason. She is preparing her loved ones for the life they will continue to live after she is gone. This is especially devastating for Rory, who still can't fathom life without Joey.

"I just want her to be able to be in the garden--this year and 20 more after it," he admits.

Sadly, it's becoming even more unlikely that Joey Feek will live to see this coming spring, although she has surpassed her doctor's original expectations.

For now Rory and the rest of their family are set on appreciating every day they have with Joey Feek, as they know each is a blessing and they are numbered.

Kimberly Ripley
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