Joey And Rory Feek Share Spiritual Reflections As They Prepare For Goodbyes

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Country singer Joey and Rory Feek shared a heartwarming blog post on Saturday, updating the public of the former’s deteriorating health.

Joey was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer in 2014, and has been in hospice care ever since it was found out that the cancer had metastasized to her colon.

This weekend, he said that his cancer-stricken wife is ready to “come home” with Jesus.

“Here I sit beside my dying wife,” he wrote on his website. “I don’t say those words lightly. As a matter of fact, I haven’t said them at all. But my beautiful bride has said them to me in these couple of days.”

He also revealed that Joey told him that she is not afraid to die. Joey’s health continues to worsen and the morphine dosage has quadrupled this week in order to relieve her of the pain.

Rory also recalled the time they did a music video of their 2012 song “When I’m Gone,” a song written by Nashville songwriter Sandy Lawrence for her dying mother. Joey and Rory picked up the song back in 2012 when they were recording a new album and wanted to help Lawrence’s career.

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“Some call it ‘life imitating art.’ I don’t. I call it God,” was Rory’s reflection.

“Am I angry at the irony of the song? No. How could I be? How many men who are losing the woman they love get a gift like that? None that I know of,” he wrote on his blog.

“When I’m Gone” will be a part of their compilation, Hymns That Are Important To Us.

Joey and Rory said the song is perfect as they’ve known that they would eventually say their goodbyes to each other. He added that this song is God’s way of reminding him of Joey’s “beautiful life and heart and voice…” and he knew that “she would only be a ‘click’ away.”

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