Joe Montana and the 49ers in a Battle Over Parking

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Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers are at it again, and this time, the issue is parking.

Montana has plans to build a $400 million hotel and entertainment complex across from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, the new home of the 49ers. The city has already approved these plans. The problem is Montana’s new venture, of which Yahoo! is also a part of, would sit on about 800 parking spots the Niners say they need for their stadium.

The city of Santa Clara has proposed other parking options for the team, but they have been turned down due to their long distances away from the stadium, because they are too waterlogged, or because they are just not suitable enough.

The addition of the hotel and entertainment complex is a win for both the team and Montana, as it would add to the fan experience and put money in both of their collective pockets. However, the team does have the option to veto the project if they don’t receive the parking they want and have let the city of Santa Clara know that they may do that. The team has gone so far as to tell the city that if the Montana project goes forward, Santa Clara needs to cough up some 8.5 acres of land for parking, free of charge.

This isn’t the first time Montana and his former team have butted helmets. Despite winning four Super Bowls with the 49ers, the Hall of Fame quarterback was still replaced with Steve Young, causing them to part was under less than friendly circumstances.

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