Joe Flacco Blasted For Saying He's "Best QB" In NFL

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There's a lot of ego floating around in the NFL, and for good reason; athletes get paid millions of dollars for skills most of us commoners only dream of having, and they get the big contracts because they perform consistently (well, for the most part).

But sometimes that ego overshadows a person's capability, and some wonder if that's not what is happening with Joe Flacco, who said on Tuesday that he thinks he's the "best quarterback" in the NFL.

That's not to say Flacco hasn't performed; he's arguably one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league and, despite a dip in numbers last season, led the Ravens to win the AFC North. But he's never won a Super Bowl, and by some standards, that's the hallmark of "the best" in the NFL.

But there's this to consider: he was commenting on something his agent, Joe Linta, said in an interview with the Baltimore Sun.

"If the game is about wins and losses, he has to be in the top five quarterbacks," Linta said, and rightly so. He is an agent.

When asked to comment on Linta's assertion, Flacco said, "I assume everybody thinks they're a top-five quarterback. I mean, I think I'm the best. I don't think I'm top five, I think I'm the best. I don't think I'd be very successful at my job if I didn't feel that way."

Which is true, and if he'd answered the question differently he would probably have been blasted for it anyway. Opinons will vary on his abilities no matter how well or poor he does on the evidenced on Twitter today.

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