Jodie Sweetin And Estranged Husband Fighting Over Kindergarten

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Where to send your child for kindergarten is a problem that most parents happily, and easily, face. Unfortunately for Jodie Sweetin, she and her ex-husband can’t decide on the where.

The Full House actress’ 4-year-old daughter Beatrix is set to start kindergarten. But while Sweetin wants to enroll Beatrix in the same school that her other young daughter is going to, Beatrix’ father Morty Coyle wants her to go to a school closer to him.

The estranged couple were married in 2012 and separated in 2013.

The impasse has prompted the 33-year-old mother to file a petition granting her the right to make the final decision regarding her daughter’s education.

No decision regarding her case has been made yet.

Sweetin certainly has come a long way since her beleaguered days after Full House ended.

At the time, the actress became dependent on drugs and alcohol but has bounced back since then. Her memoir UnSweetined detailed her journey into addiction and her recovery from it.

And now it seems the TV actress has dedicated the majority of her energy into her children. As she pointed out in her petition to a judge, she’s hands on when it comes to her kid’s education and regularly participates in school activities.

Hopefully she can still do that now that Sweetin is set to join the original cast of Full House in the series’ reboot.

Sweetin will reprise her role as Stephanie Tanner in the new Fuller House. The younger Tanner sister is now older and an aspiring musician. She moves back to San Francisco to help her sister DJ raise her children.

Fuller House will revolve around DJ Tanner-Fuller, a recently widowed veterinarian who moved back home with her 2 kids and is pregnant with her third child. The long awaited reboot to the popular TV show will premier in 2016 with the first episode rumored to be a one-hour reunion special of the Tanner family.

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