Jodie Foster Headed To "Hannibal"?

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Jodie Foster took on a pretty challenging role when she signed on to do The Silence Of The Lambs, but she tackled it with fervor and garnered a huge fan base among horror lovers in the process. Now, it's rumored that she's thinking about working on NBC's Hannibal, which is based on the same characters Thomas Harris created for his books and the film.

"At last night's HBO Emmy party, I just so happened to overhear the genius showrunner ask the original Hannibal movie star if she would be willing to come and direct the series during its third season, which is set to begin production next week. Jodie was noncommittal, but said she'd think it over," wrote E! News reporter Kristen Dos Santos.

Season three will take place one year after season two's finale, and executive producer Bryan Fuller says it's going to feel like an entirely new show.

Foster attended the Emmy Awards with new bride Alexandra Hedison; the actress was nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for her work on the Netflix powerhouse Orange Is The New Black. The couple were reportedly only together a few short months before tying the knot.

Amanda Crum
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