Joan Rivers Makes Jokes About Lohan, Hostage Victims

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Comedienne Joan Rivers is in hot water after making a few controversial comments about Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.

When asked by a reporter about Lohan’s recent revelation that she suffered a miscarriage, Rivers didn’t hold back.

“I hope she kept it,” Rivers stated. After Rivers’ daughter Melissa showed her disapproval towards the comment, Rivers kept going.

“Excuse me, who do you think I am,” Rivers quipped. “I was born with a coat hanger in my ear.”

When asked if she thought Lohan would make a good mother, the 80-year-old continued with the harsh comments.

“She would have been diapering the wrong end,” she said laughing.

Lohan wasn’t the only person Rivers had some insensitive words for. During a recent trip to the Today show, Rivers spoke about Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, the two Cleveland women who were held captive in the basement of Ariel Castro's house for ten years.

When speaking about staying in her daughter’s guest room, Rivers said the two tortured women had it better.

“Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space,” she joked.

Lawyers of Berry and DeJesus came out and deemed the comments as hurtful, but Rivers didn’t feel the need to apologize.

“They got to live rent free for more than a decade,” she said. “One of them has a book deal. Neither are in a psych ward. They’re OK. I bet you within three years one of them will be on Dancing With the Stars.”

When asked about her comments regarding the women who endured brutal and inhumane conditions, Rivers didn’t back down.

“There is nothing to apologize for,” she said defending herself. “I know what those girls went through. It was a little stupid joke. Nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That's what I do. Calm down. Calm f***ing down. I'm a comedienne. They're free, so let’s move on.”

Here's what Twitter had to say about the comments:

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