Joan Rivers Calls Adele "Fat," Makes Fried Chicken Jokes


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Joan Rivers is known for her acerbic, often insulting, comedy. However, when the subject of Rivers' ridicule is an easy target like singer Adele's weight, the comedy can easily strike sensitive people as outright mean.

On the Late Show With David Letterman Rivers made jokes about Adele's weight, saying that Adele's song "Rolling in the Deep" should have "Fried Chicken" tacked onto the end of the title.

It wasn't the first time Rivers had joked about Adele's extra pounds. Last October on Twitter, Rivers made fun of the singer just as she gave birth to her first child:

In an interview this week with the Huffington Post, Rivers, true to form, did not back down from her earlier jabs. She went on to make another crack about Adele's weight, saying that she took out an ad on the singer's ass and still had room for plenty of other ads.

To defend herself, Rivers appealed to "reality" saying, "Adele is beautiful and successful, has, what, a hundred million dollars? I'm saying she's fat, let's face reality - she's fat."

Of course, any good will the comedian may have bought with her honesty was quickly washed away by another reference to Adele and fried chicken: