Jimmy Fallon Does Hashtag 2 With Jonah Hill


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Jimmy Fallon can't stop making us laugh. The Tonight Show star recently revisited an old skit that had us all tickled.

The Hastag 2 follows up his Twitter spoof about folks constantly talking and using hashtags via social media. The original spoof featured Justin Timberlake and while we think he's hilarious, Fallon's second guest is just as funny.

The skit started with Fallon knocking on the door to join actor and pal Jonah Hill. Hill of course was consumed by his telephone.

Instead of chatting like normal people, the host and Hill decided to turn their small talk into hashtag glory.

"Just having my morning Joe, hashtag livin' la vida mocha," Fallon replied. "Hashtag no coffee no workie."

"By the way congrats on your Oscar nomination," the funny man added before shouting, "Hashtag Wolf of Wall Street!"

"Thanks man, hashtag blessed," the hilarious Hill replied.

Still don't know what I'm talking about? Check out the video here so you can be up-to-speed. #Yourewelcome

If that wasn't enough hashtag comedy for you, check out the original skit featuring funny man Timberlake.

But perhaps the best part of the video (aside form the Harry Potter hashtags) was the awesome surprise cameo made by Wolf of Wall Street director Martin Scorsese who entered the room only to say, "hashtag been done."

But of course the skit didn't end there with the guys firing back even more hashtags. The ending however, is the best part. Check out the video. It's definitely one to watch.

Image Via YouTube