Jim Kelly Finishes His Radiation Treatments


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Last month, Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly made his way back to his home in Buffalo, New York to finish his cancer radiation treatments.

Thousands of fans gathered at the airport to welcome him home, and carried signs and posters showing their support for Kelly. Unfortunately, Kelly's plane landed on the other side of the airport, causing fans to miss seeing him. However, they were still happy to know that he was home and would be staying put.

“Hey everybody, I’m glad to be home, back in Buffalo. Sorry I missed some of you guys at the airport, but now I’m here with my family. Thank you, God bless you, and I will be back,” Kelly later said in an Instagram post.

Now, over a month later, Kelly has finished his treatments and, again, was greeted with thousands of fans at the hospital as he made his way home. Kelly's wife Jill shared a series of photos on Instagram of the celebration.

Kelly was diagnosed with sinus cancer in March after suffering from a series of migraines. Doctors informed Kelly that he had “countless microscopic” tumors in his head. Since then he has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He finished his final round of chemo last week.

Dr. Peter D. Costantino, who has been in charge of leading Kelly's treatment at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan explained last month that Kelly's cancer remained "very treatable and potentially curable."

"At the conclusion of chemotherapy and radiation, we will wait two to three months to determine the status of his cancer before deciding if surgery will be necessary," Costantino said on April 1.

For now, Kelly is finally done with the treatments and remains hopeful that his cancer will stay in remission.

Image via Twitter