Jill Scott Honored As 'First Lady Of Soul,' Debuts 'Back Together' Video

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Jill Scott is reaping the success of her number one album Woman as she took the number one spot for Best R&B/Soul Female artist and received the First Lady of Soul Award at BET’s Soul Train Awards on Sunday.

Scott, 43, delivered a touching speech during the event as she accepted the award, saying she never tried to be sexy and that she wanted to be known for her art and not for her looks.

“The goal was to write something that you could relate to, the goal was to be in your house when you make that new baby, to be there to squash that argument, to incite it if necessary,” said Scott. “I never wanted to be sexy for anybody, I swear I didn't. But I did want to write some sexy stuff for you.” “I thank you for treating me with respect,” Scott said as she expressed her gratitude for the unwavering support and the respect she has received from the music industry and her fans ever since she launched her debut album Who is Jill Scott back in 2000.  

However, fans of the soul songstress were enraged after BET aired her musical performance in black and white. It caused fans to wonder if their television had malfunctioned, while others thought BET used an Instagram filter over the singer’s celebratory number.

Coinciding with her BET win, the new First Lady of Soul has finally released a music video for “Back Together,” a soulful track which was lifted from her chart topping album Woman.

Jill Scott Releases The Official Video Of Her New Track, "Back Together"

The five minute-video features contemporary dancers interpreting how broken relationships and people are brought back together. In true Jill Scott tradition, the song (and video) are both soulful and inspiring.

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