Jill Scott Gets On Twitter To Defend Bill Cosby And Makes Herself Look Terrible


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Jill Scott finds herself on the wrong side of a scandal that, while not brand new, has gained impressive steam over the past month.

A steady stream of women have come forward to declare that at one point or another they were sexually assaulted by comedic actor Bill Cosby.

Cosby, who recently resigned from his Temple University post as a trustee, has refused to answer questions about the series of allegations. His attorney has claimed that Cosby will "not dignify" any accusation with an explanation, as they have supposedly all been long discredited.

This is apparently enough for fan Jill Scott, who used her Twitter to speak out about Cosby's treatment in the media.

When a follower ridiculed her support of Bill Cosby, the singer blasted her.

She said that she knew Bill Cosby and that the scandal was "insane".

She demanded that the victims product proof "period" in order for her to be otherwise convinced that they are lying. Keep in mind these accusations go back decades.

Jill Scott justified her decision to stand by Bill Cosby by mentioning all the things he'd done for brown people, citing his comedic work.

Scott said that society and the media were trying "destroy his magnificent legacy".

Jill Scott also referenced the American criminal system, asking her followers how many men are currently sitting in jail without proof that they did anything wrong.

"I'm just not into condemnation without proof," said Scott.

She considers the attacks against Bill Cosby to be baseless "propaganda".

Needless to say, Jill Scott's now viral opinions have thrown the singer directly into the line of fire and had quite possibly jeopardized her own fame.

The irony is that while Bill Cosby is perhaps more insulated against the ceaseless attack due to his decades of fame and tenure, Jill Scott has no share in that level of defense.

Jill Scott may hope to look like a sensible black woman sticking up for a renowned black man under attack, however she might have only succeeded in throwing her own career and legacy under the bus.

See the series of cringe-worthy responses for yourself. Oh, Jill...