Jesus Look-Alike Kicked Out Of Darts Tournament

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Looking like a celebrity can be a blessing or a curse, depending on whether you want to cash in on it. If the famous person has enemies, anyone who resembles them is subject to bear the brunt of ill-will from total strangers.

But what happens when you resemble someone everyone knows and millions revere? If it's Jesus we're talking about, a resemblance might not help you. Australia native Nathan Grindal found that out the hard way when he attended a darts tournament which was being televised and ended up getting escorted out because he was a "distraction".

The Cash Converters Players' Championship, which was held in England, was being televised when the audience realized they had a look-alike in their midst. When chants of "Stand up if you love Jesus!" began, the coordinators of the event kicked Grindal out to avoid an angry reaction from the players, and Grindal says he was treated unfairly.

“It was distressing. I was emotionally distraught. The crowd were bullying me and picking on me. It would have been OK if security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out," he said.

Apparently the ruckus didn't happen fast enough to appease at least one of the players; Phil Taylor allegedly said after the match, "If I ever see Jesus again, I’ll crucify him myself."

Image: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Amanda Crum
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