Jessie J Cancels Shows After Surgery, Tells Instagram Followers She's 'Not Ok'

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Jessie J has cancelled shows after having surgery--although she hasn't disclosed the kind of surgery she underwent. The singer shared via social media about a week ago that she was going to have surgery. Recent Instagram posts alert fans of cancelled shows.

"I'm going to be offline for a few days and I wanted to show you why," Jessie J said via Instagram about a week ago.

"PLEASE don't keep asking me or harassing my close ones on here or anywhere for information. Its personal and I know you can respect that I just wanted to explain to my fans why I may go AWOL for a minute," she added.

This announcement was accompanied by the following video clip.

A video posted by Jessie J (@isthatjessiej) on

A couple of days ago Jessie J announced she had to cancel the shows because of her surgery. She said she was "medically advised" not to perform for a while.

She shared the following post-op photo that she captioned, "I have seen a lot of "How are you today" comments... How am I.... *Looks up sighs and has to be honest* I am not ok... I am in a lot of pain. But I'm working on it with the doctors. We all have our moments and one of mine is now. Being human sucks when you are non stop and your body says NOPE not right now. Unexpected but I'm here trying my best to not let it win. Sometimes admitting how you really feel can be the quickest road to recovery. And PLEASE know all of your understanding, love and support helps me so much. (And the morphine) (And my Mums hugs) How are you today?
Love Jess x"

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Jessie J had to cancel shows back in 2012. It wasn't because of surgery that time, but for 'vocal rest' instead. And a few months ago she had to cancel performances due to a 'sudden illness.'

Hopefully whatever surgery Jessie J had that led to the cancellation of some of her shows results in a much healthier, happier singer.

Jessie J not only feels lousy--as noted in her 'not ok' comment--but her messages indicate something is or was very seriously wrong.

Fans are no doubt anxiously awaiting more information and hopefully good news about Jessie J.

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