Jessica Simpson Turns Down Book Deal To Do New Album

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Jessica Simpson has a lot of life experience.

At 34, Jessica Simpson has been married twice, divorced once, she has two children, and a long career full of ups and downs.

Well, now it seems Jessica Simpson is ready for a career up!

Reportedly, Jessica Simpson was approached by an agent to write a lifestyle book about her life, her relationship with her husband, Eric Johnson, and what her life is like as a mom.

In fact, she was offered quite a chunk of money to do it.

"She was getting offers for between $1 million and $2 million -- or more," a source tells Us.

I love him

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The source added, "Companies wanted her to write something as dishy as possible -- about her romance with Eric [Johnson] and being a mother."

Luckily, being a mother is becoming quite the comfortable role for Jessica Simpson. She would really have a lot to write about.

Her look-alike daughter, Maxwell, 2, and her baby son, Ace, are her world.

Maxi loves wearing her daddy's t-shirts after bath...just like her momma 🙂

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Date night with my hubby looking at pictures of our kiddos. These 2 are perfect. Crazy individual people we are so proud of....

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But, as much as her fans may want it, Jessica Simpson decided that the time wasn't right yet.

"Danger Zone"

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Don't be too disappointed, though.

Jessica Simpson will be working on some new music instead!

After her flat release of her 2008 album, Do You Know, she is due for some success.

Are you excited for Jessica Simpson to release a new album?

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