Jessica Simpson Talks Weight Loss

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Just like the rest of us, weight loss has been on the forefront of Jessica Simpson's mind.

Simpson’s weight battle has been well-documented as she’s openly spoke about losing and gaining in interviews. She even became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Her battle against her weight was constantly being plastered in magazines and tabloids.

"I was so insecure - I couldn't even believe what I weighed," Simpson said on Good Morning America.

Simpson's pregnancies seemed to be the catalyst for her constant struggle. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Maxwell, in 2012, Simpson lost 50 pounds. Five months later, she was pregnant again with her son Ace.

"I don't think that I ever expected myself to see the numbers that I have seen on the scale," the 33-year-old said.

"You are creating a life, and honestly it's not easy," she said. "It is a really hard thing to go through. And you deserve to eat your ice cream, you deserve to have your pancakes. Do whatever you want to do and then afterwards just know that you have to work really hard," she continued.

Simpson continued to discuss the lessons she learned from her first pregnancy.

Simpson stays active these days chasing around her two young children.

"I had to learn that with my first and second pregnancy. My first pregnancy I ate a lot more, but my second pregnancy I ate enough, like I ate what I wanted to eat but I stayed active and I think because I had gained so much weight with my first that I had to stay active throughout my second because I didn't know what to do with myself if I didn't."

Now that the stunning blonde is comfortable with her healthy weight she's made some exciting plans for the future.

"I want to sing again. I want my daughter to see me on stage. My fiancé has never even watched me perform. Which is crazy. And - but that is my passion, that is my love, like, that is everything that I am."

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