Jessica Ridgeway Murderer Pleads Guilty

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Austin Sigg has pleaded guilty to the murder of 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway, nearly a year after her body was found. He entered a guilty plea in front of Jefferson County District Court. He had also previously confessed the murder to his mother.

Since Sigg was only 17 when he confessed, his attorney had tried to get them dismissed, stating that he was too young to understand his actions and the consequences of his confession at the time.

Stigg admitted that he not only murdered the girl but also sexually abused her and dismembered her body. He also claimed to have attacked a female jogger earlier that same year.

Jefferson County District Court Chief Judge Stephen Munsinger accepted the guilty plea and warned the boy that he could be sentenced to life in prison.

"There was no plea bargain in this case. There were no concessions," 1st Judicial District Attorney Peter Weir said. "We were not going to make any concessions for Austin Sigg."

Jessica Ridgeway was last seen walking to school. Her body was later found dismembered in a Colorado park, not far from where she lived.

Image from Sun Journal.

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