Jessica Chastain Sick of Feud Rumors, Says There's No Bad Blood Between Her and Jennifer Lawrence

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Jessica Chastain has had enough of the rumor that pits her and Jennifer Lawrence against each other in some sort of feud. She says there is no feud, but the media has fed on the rumor for so long that most believe the two actresses are at each other's throats.

During an interview with Haute Living, Jessica Chastain explained how another rumor bothers her, too--the one that claims women don't work well together.

"There has been a stigma out there that women don't work well together. I've never seen women like this. I remember growing up hearing this myth, that women fight when they're together and it's completely inaccurate. I've never seen it," she said.

The rumor about Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence stems from the 2013 Oscars, when Lawrence was nominated for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, and Chastain for hers in Zero Dark Thirty. Jennifer Lawrence won.

"I know also during Oscar season media, because they were trying to get headlines and get clicks, were trying to fabricate a fake rivalry between Jennifer Lawrence and myself and I immediately came out and said this is a media myth that has to stop," Jessica Chastain said.

"The women I know are not like this and I cheer for women to succeed because I know when an actress succeeds that means there's going to be that many more roles for women because an audience is going to demand it," she added.

Jessica Chastain lauded Jennifer Lawrence for her 2015 op-ed titled "Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?"

"It was incredible. I loved her op-ed...and I was really disappointed after she wrote it that she got criticism," Chastain said.

Kudos to Jessica Chastian for wanting to put an end to the rumor of a Jennifer Lawrence feud. The media sensationalizes everything, and for them to pit two women against each other for the sake of a headline is shameful.

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