Jessica Chastain Definitely NOT In Love With "Crimson Peak" Co-Star Charlie Hunnam

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Jessica Chastain was quick to put the rumors to rest that she had fallen hard for her gorgeous Crimson Peak co-star, Charlie Hunnam.

Starting the rumor herself, Jessica Chastain expressed worry that she might be in trouble last year when it was made known that Charlie Hunnam would be her co-star.

Jessica Chastain said (jokingly), "Are you telling me I'm going to fall in love with Charlie Hunnam on set?"

All joking aside, there was a likelihood there that would have been true for any female. Right?

However, at last weekend's Comic-Con, Jessica Chastain revealed that she had made it through filming Crimson Peak and had not succumbed to his charm.

Do we scare you? #SDCC for #CrimsonPeak @twhiddleston #miawasikowska @ew

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Jessica Chastain said, "I did not fall in love with Charlie, press out! I do love him, but I'm not in love with him."

Jessica Chastain did admit that Charlie Hunnam is “absolutely gorgeous” and revealed that he is a very generous person when it comes to birthdays.

Opens October 16, 2015 #CrimsonPeak #LadyLucilleSharpe #SDCC2015

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She added, “He’s so nice. He bought me this incredible thoughtful birthday present, this amazing artist and this book of photographs. He’s just this normal down-to-earth [guy]. So cool.”

Jessica Chastain was probably only able to resist because of her long-term relationship with Italian fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo.

But, that's pretty much all we know of her love life because Jessica Chastain (wisely) keeps it under wraps.

Jessica Chastain told E!, "When I'm engaged someday—who knows to who—I'll probably be more open about it."

She added, "Seeing all these interviews with actors talking about loves of their lives and then they break up in a year and you're thinking, 'What if something happens and they end up being a total jerk?' Then you forever have these pictures of you standing on the red carpets together."

Smart move.

Are you excited to see Jessica Chastain and Charlie Hunnam in Crimson Peak, even if they aren't in love?

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