Jessica Chambers: Anonymous Claims to Have Killer Possibly Identified

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[Update: A gas station attendant whose name has been spoken about in the Chambers' case has spoken out. See that Update here on WebProNews at Jessica Chambers: Gas Station Attendant Accused on Social Media Speaks Out.]

Jessica Chambers murder has shocked the nation. Police say they are still hunting for whoever burned the girl alive. But a group that most people consider troublemakers say they are on the case and know some things the cops may not.

Jessica Chambers was found burning alive beside her car in northern Mississippi. Paramedics worked fast, flew her 70 miles to Memphis to try to save her, but ended up losing that battle. Police say that Jessica had been doused with some accelerant — perhaps gasoline — and lit on fire. Since then, the nation has wanted to know who did it.

“There’s just not a lot of street talk out there about who may or may not have done this,” the District attorney on the case said. "We feel like somebody out there has heard something. In all the years I have done this, this is an absolutely horrendous, horrendous case."

Despite following clues on a gas station surveillance tape, police have cleared their initial suspect. The D.A. also admits that “there were no family issues” to give them a trail to follow. Police believe that Jessica may have initially been in her car with someone else, but at this point they have no idea who that was. The reward for more information leading to the arrest of her killer is now $11,000.

But now there may be a break in the case — if not officially, then for those willing to consider evidence not gathered within the law.

The Anonymous group has begun a Twitter campaign called OperationJessicaC. They have hacked social media accounts of area gang members in an attempt to find out what the police may not be able to find out within legal search means.

A common image in the material they post is a quote from HBO’s True Detective series, urging people to look beyond the mainstream reporting and dig deeper.

Some of the evidence that Anonymous has claimed to uncover includes what appears to be a connection between Jessica Chambers and some local gang members. They specifically name the “Black Squad” gang.

The group says that Jessica had dated a Black Squad member and that the gas station she was last seen at is known to be within their territory and frequented by them.

One tweet they grabbed screenshots of contained references to “barbecuing bitches”.

The Anonymous investigation has veered into some interesting claims that local police in the area are getting kickbacks from gangs for turning a blind eye to meth-selling activities in the area.

They even say that some of Jessica’s family members were involved in criminal activities that a truly deep investigation into her murder would uncover.

Others are looking at the evidence that Anonymous is presenting and using that as a jumping-off point to create their own timelines. They too say that there are big problems with the official investigation in Mississippi.

One factor that is being talked about quite a lot is the gas station video footage. Apparently the video that is being seen on the Internet was not found by police, but by a reporter days later. And the various footage versions out there were all recorded by reporters shooting video of the gas station’s surveillance system monitor, leading to fragmented pieces of the story.

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