Jessica Alba: How To Get Her Body

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If you're a mom, you're probably aware of just how hard it is to lose that baby weight. Every woman struggles with post-baby diets, clothes not fitting properly, and trying to get back into an exercise routine while taking care of an infant. But according to Jessica Alba, it could be as easy as sleeping and not eating fast food.

Alba, who has been on vacation in Italy with her two young daughters and her mom, was spotted looking rather fit and trim in her two-pieces, making women everywhere jealous; her youngest is just 11 months old! But she says she doesn't do anything radical to keep her body in shape; rather, she makes sure she gets enough rest, never eats fast food, and eats organic when she can.

"I don't eat a lot of processed foods. I never eat fast food and I don't eat or drink high-sugar, processed anything," she said. "I stick to mostly organic foods -- lots of vegetables and fruit."

As far as advice to new moms on how to maintain a healthy weight, Alba says:

"Try to take advantage of naps as much as you can and drink lots of water," she advised. "And eat as organic and fresh as possible because you want to put stuff in your body that's going to help it run."

Of course, exercise plays a part, too, and the easiest way to do that when you have a young child is to strap the baby in the stroller and go for a walk. Even a brief burst of activity every day will help boost your metabolism. If that sounds too difficult, tape this picture up on the refrigerator. Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way.


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