Jessa Seewald Shares Amazing Video Of Unborn Child Moving In Her Pregnant Belly

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Motherhood is an amazing experience and Jessa Seewald couldn’t hide her excitement about the arrival of her firstborn.

"We're going to be doing some filming preparing to welcome this little one into our lives, "Jessa said at Southern Women’s Show.

Looks like they already began filming the baby, since she recently shared a video clip of her baby bump in Instagram with her little one moving actively.

"So weird and yet amazing to see my baby move like this!" Jessa wrote. "Finally managed to capture one of those super active moments! Lol! I know, I'm a bit obsessed... but this Mama is absolutely fascinated! Here's what the #BabyBump looks like from my perspective. #BabySeewald." As early as now, Jessa and husband, Ben are already planning their baby’s name, although unlike Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, they won’t be naming the baby with a single letter.

Jessa has not announced the baby’s gender, but she and her husband already hinted that they may be having twins.

"You know, pretty soon we'll be making another little smoothie," Jessa said in a video to which Ben replied, "Yep, maybe more than one!"

"We thought to ourselves, if we do that, we'll kind of limit our name selection," Jessa’s husband answered. "We thought maybe we'll keep our options open."

Jessa was also hoping that they could raise their kid as a good and God-fearing child.

Aside from the arrival of their baby, Jessa and Ben are also planning to adopt.

"We'd love to adopt. We're looking into that and trying to see what the process is, what the requirements are," Jessa said.

With their growing family, Jessa and Ben also considered moving to another place like Jessa’s sister Jill and her family did.

Jessa said that she and Ben may do the same if his job requires it. "If Ben's seminary that he's looking into requires us to move, then we might eventually move," she said.

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