Jessa Duggar Seewald: Father-in-Law Calls Gays an Abomination

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Jessa Duggar Seewald of 19 Kids and Counting comes from a family of conservative Christians, that much is already known. Her father’s insistence that she and then-fiancé Ben Seewald only “side hug” when courting, and the couple’s decision to not kiss before their wedding day has become the stuff of tabloid legend over recent months.

Jessa Duggar’s mom Michelle was called out for supporting an Arkansas initiative to ban transgender persons from using public restrooms for the gender they identify as. The called them "males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female.”

But Jessa Seewald also married into a family that hold to very strict conservative views. And they make no exception for gay people, either. Michael Seewald, Ben Seewald’s father, took to his blog recently to make a surprising statement about gay people.

He agreed that gay people are “born that way.” But his take on this had a twist to it: “We are all born that way– sinners that is.” Seewald takes a common refrain heard among homosexuals — and a Lady Gaga hit — and redefines it to suit his own beliefs, then slams it as sin that can be repented of and abandoned.

“One of the justifications the LGBT community puts forth for their behavior is the notion that 'I was born that way.'

"As a Christian who accepts the Bible as authoritative in all things it should be no surprise to anyone that I am opposed to homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin that Scripture categorizes as an 'abomination' to God. Abominations are sins that are particularly detestable to God and as such should be avoided ever more carefully.”

Seewald went on lump the inborn predisposition to same-sex attraction in with such behaviors as stealing, drunkenness, and wife beating. He made the blanket statement that same-sex attraction can be “acquired.”

"It is certainly possible that as a young person becomes sexually aware that they have same sex attraction. Others may not have had same sex attraction at first, but acquire it for a variety of reasons later on. Nevertheless, it should not be surprising that a person is born with a propensity towards specific sins. Some people struggle with telling the truth. Others have a tendency to steal. Many people have a predisposition towards drunkenness.

“The problem with the 'I was born that way' mentality is that it is used as an excuse to justify sinful behavior. Someone may have been born with a predisposition towards violence and have a short temper yet that is no excuse for beating his wife."

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