Jerry Sandusky Victims Reach Settlement Agreement

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Jerry Sandusky, who is serving 30-60 years in prison for sexually abusing several boys at Penn State University while he was employed there, is back in the news this week after the school reportedly reached settlements with 26 of his victims.

The figure is around $59 million, though it hasn't been disclosed how that amount will be divided up. The University says that six additional claims were made by other men, but were dismissed after being found "without merit". Insurance and interest revenues are expected to cover the expenses of the settlements, but the school has already shelled out about $50 million since Sandusky was found guilty last June to cover lawyer fees and public relations expenses, among other things.

Former president Graham Spanier, retired vice president Gary Schultz and retired athletic director Tim Curley are awaiting trial for their involvement in a possible cover-up of the abuse; all three deny the allegations. Eight men testified against Sandusky, claiming he molested and/or raped them while they spent time at the University with his charity organization, The Second Mile. Mike McQueary, an assistant foot ball coach at the time, went to Spanier, Schultz and Curley with claims that he had witnessed Sandusky having sex with a boy in the school showers, but ultimately no action was taken against Sandusky. The FBI later found emails sent between the three men discussing how to handle the situation and it was decided they would ask him not to bring boys from The Second Mile to the school anymore. At least two boys were molested after that incident.

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