Jerry Remy: Son Jared Remy Pleads Guilty to Murder

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Jerry Remy has long been known as the beloved broadcaster for the Boston Red Sox. The past year saw Remy keep a rather low profile, however, following the stabbing death of his son Jared Remy's girlfriend Jennifer Martel. Today Jared Remy pleaded guilty to murder in Martel's death and began a life sentence in prison without any chance of parole.

Jared Remy admitted in Middlesex Superior Court on Tuesday morning that he fatally stabbed Martel last August. He called himself ''the bad apple'' in a written statement he read to the judge and those present in the courtroom, and he called Martel ''an angel." Jared Remy said he killed Jennifer last summer because she had a knife and was threatening him over their young daughter.

''I would like to say blame me for this and not my family,'' he said, clearly bothered by the fact that his parents had taken a lot of heat following his arrest.

Remy said his family did everything within their power to help Martel, whom he said ''helped me clean up my act.'' He admitted that the one thing Jennifer could not cure him of was his ''love of drugs.'' Remy was referring to his use of steroids and painkillers, according to a statement from his lawyer following the hearing.

Remy also told the court, ''If you ask my family, they'd rather have me dead than her.''

Jerry Remy was a former Red Sox second baseman who has worked as a color commentator for team broadcasts at New England Sports Network (NESN) since 1988. Son Jared Remy worked security for the Red Sox, but was fired during a steroids investigation in 2008.

Jerry Remy and his wife Phoebe have suffered significantly since Jared Remy stabbed his girlfriend and mother of his child. It is no doubt a terrible feeling knowing your child took the life of another person's child.

Hopefully Jared Remy's guilty plea will help Jennifer Martel's family start putting the shattered pieces of their lives back together and might help afford Jerry Remy and his wife the same. Despite the younger Remy's heinous actions, at least he didn't make both families involved endure the horrific pain of a murder trial. At least he has that one mark of consideration to his name as he heads off to spend the rest of his life in prison.

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