Jeremy Renner Doesn't Carry a Gun Because of His Daughter

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Jeremy Renner used to be afraid of guns. That's what the star tells Playboy in a recent interview. But nowadays he is quite comfortable with them.

Renner has starred in numerous films that required him to handle weapons, including The Hurt Locker and his one-off Bourne Legacy film. Now he likes them. But he won't carry one.

"For me it’s for home protection or sport shooting or target practice," Renner says. "I’m not a hunter. I spent a lot of time training for movies, shooting and getting comfortable with weapons. There’s no fear for me ever in a weapon now. I also have a few swords, but that’s because of what they mean to me; there’s a lot of history behind them. They’re all tucked away and hidden now that I have a baby."

That baby has changed a lot about Jeremy Renner. But he won't let it stop him from taking some risks.

"I’ve been riding a motorcycle for a long time. I used to be kind of daring on it," Renner explains. "Now I ride because I enjoy the experience. I’m not a daredevil doing wheelies, and I don’t ride fast. That’s not because of my daughter; it’s because that’s where I’m at in my life. I want to learn to fly a helicopter. Is that dangerous? Sure, I guess it’s just as dangerous as anything else in life. Has having my daughter, Ava, stopped me from doing that? We can croak at any moment doing the stupidest things. It would be a great disservice to her if, when she was older, she thought, Dad stopped riding motorcycles or started getting soft and protective of his own life because he wanted to be around for me. What message does that send? That living life with fear is a good thing? I’d rather that she knows I’d go out with a smile on my face living accountably, consciously and responsibly in my actions."

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