Jeralean Talley: World's Oldest Person Dies at 116

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Jeralean Talley was confirmed as the world's oldest living person back in April. Earlier this week, Jeralean Talley passed away.

Daughter Thelma Holloway, who is 77, confirmed her mom's death to NBC News.

The title held by Jeralean Talley was confirmed by the Gerontology Research Group, which is based in L.A. She celebrated her 116th birthday last month on May 23rd, and was honored by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in Inkster, Michigan, where she lived. They gave her a birthday card that contained $116--one dollar for every year of her life.

When Jeralean Talley received the title of the world's oldest person in April, it was because the two women who previously held the title died in the same week. Misao Okawa of Osaka, Japan, was 117, and Gertrude Weaver of Camden, Arkansas was 116.

Some things Jeralean Talley especially enjoyed in her 116 years included chicken wings and Hog Head Cheese--which is a combination of pigs' ears and feet.

Thelma Holloway said her mom had avoided butter and cheese recently, but that it wasn't for health reasons. She was deemed healthy during a check-up in May, the same week she turned 116.

Jeralean Talley claimed the secrets to her long life included being kind to others and her deep faith in God.

While Thelma Holloway and other members of Jeralean Talley's family are surely mourning her passing, they are no doubt grateful for the long, healthy life she lived.

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