Jenny McCarthy Set For 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'

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Jenny McCarthy and Ryan Seacrest are getting ready to celebrate New Year's Eve as part of ABC's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, which will begin at 8 pm. EST. McCarthy and Seacrest recently shared with E! a taste of what viewers can expect to see tonight. "We have Miley Cyrus on the show so in salute to women who do kind of crazy antics, why not be a little crazy this year," the blonde co-host of The View said. Seacrest was quick to add, "Insanity, craziness. Just give her a camera and a live mic and you definitely want to stick around and watch."

In an interview with Billboard, Seacrest explained the allure of New Year's Eve. "In a world where people are on different pages all the time, this is the one moment where you feel like everybody's on the same page," he said. McCarthy chimed in, "Unless you're at home living with cats."

Though the process flows effortlessly to the appearance of viewers, both hosts gave insight into a hectic and exhausting day, albeit one that is still enjoyable. According to Ryan Seacrest, "Today we're up to talk to people on television early. Then we're gonna go up to the top (of One Times Square) where the 77-foot flagpole is to actually make sure that the ball is there. This afternoon we run through the show, where we're gonna be, where we're gonna stand, who's performing where, what stage they'll be on, the technical aspects of it."

"It's a good 15-hour day," McCarthy said before adding, "but we will get cuddle time in. We'll spend two hours spooning, warming back up."

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