Jenny McCarthy Says No to Smoking in 2014

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Tonight ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve will once again be hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy.

"In a world where people are on different pages all the time, this is the one moment where you feel like everybody's on the same page," Seacrest said.

"Unless you're at home living with cats," added co-host McCarthy.

It takes a 15-hour day to prepare for the big event and both stars admit that the cold weather is the worst part of it all.

"It's a good 15-hour day, but we will get cuddle time in," McCarthy jokes. "We'll spend two hours spooning, warming back up."

In tradition with New Year's Eve, both hosts talked about their resolutions. Though Seacrest joked that he has given up on them, McCarthy said that she has already begun her resolution: to give up smoking.

In October, McCarthy was urged by Freedom Laser Therapy, Inc. to stop endorsing Blu e-cigarettes, for which she claimed improved her dating life. The nicotine-free company says that e-cigarettes keep “42.5 million Americans hooked on nicotine in one form or another.”

According to Radar Online, president of the company, Craig Nabat wrote in a letter to McCarthy: “My guess is that Big Tobacco offered you upwards of $1 million to pitch their popular brand of E-Cigarettes. Freedom Laser Therapy would consider matching your electronic cigarette spokesperson salary. We would be thrilled to work with you, if you ever have a change of heart about no longer pitching an addictive product like E-Cigs. We believe E-Cigs will lead teens to eventually experiment with traditional cigarettes, because of mass distribution and promotion of this nicotine delivery device.”

No word as to whether McCarthy's decision to stop smoking is due to the offer made by Freedom.

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