Jennifer Tilly Talks New "Chucky" Movie

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Jennifer Tilly may have one of the most distinctive voices in the business, but for horror fans, she also has one of the most distinctive that's been molded in plastic.

Tilly starred in "Bride Of Chucky" in 1998 as the little ginger-haired killer's love interest and again in 2004's "Seed Of Chucky", and now she's back for "Curse Of Chucky" in a role that's more dysfunctional than loving.

"She is helping him in his nefarious ways. There are people he forgot to kill and he's a perfectionist," says Tilly. "He will not stop. He's not going to stop painting the Sistine Chapel before he's finished. He's tying up loose ends. But their love continues. I think Tiffany will always be in love with Chucky no matter how horribly he treats her."

Tilly doesn't get much screen time in the film--it's more of a cameo--but she says she was still excited to get back into the old role.

"It was really fun to drag out the push-up bra, the seven-inch heels and put on the blond wig again," Tilly said. "Every 10 years or so they let me make another Chucky movie...I mean, it was like coming home again."

"Curse Of Chucky" will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray on October 8.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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