Jennifer Lopez: Steamy New Song With French Montana

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Jennifer Lopez has released what is being described as a racy new song, and it features French Montana. The American Idol judge's new single is called I Luh Ya PaPi, and it has fans speculating that it's about her boy toy Casper Smart--who she just happens to call 'Papi.' The 44-year-old has been in what is described as a serious relationship since shortly after her split from hubby Marc Anthony. Casper Smart is 27 years old.

The song is steamy/dirty and will be featured on Jennifer Lopez's new studio album that is set for release some time in 2014. All about sex, love, J Lo and Casper, the lyrics might get bleeped out on some radio stations, but will certainly receive ample play time.

“I put it down for a brother like you/Give it to you right in the car, that’s you/We can first give you some of this, that’s you/And you’re all loving that J.Lo, true,” the song starts.

“Hold up, I can get you thrown up/Pull your trigger, go and get your gun up/All the time I hear her talk/Put a pin in it, now I’m ready, let it rock/Keep it number 1, that’s easy mathematics/Keep it number 1, baby, ain’t no static/Got that hourglass for you, baby, look at these legs/No brakes, go green, no red/If you wanna kill the body, gotta start with the head.Put it on you, I’mma need about 4-5 beds/Cause I love my papi.”

Strangely enough, there is even a Miley Cyrus reference in the lyrics, too.

“Oh that 24 hour/Feeling like I want one when it’s crowded/If you wanna hear your name, I shout it/Boy, you the s–t, go and take a power shower/And I’m feeling like it’s me and you, I don’t doubt it/You can drop it how you want, I ain’t trying to call Miley/I’m loving me some you/Started from the bottom, baby, then we went roof/Cause I love my papi.”

The release of I Luh Ya PaPi comes of the heels of her release with Ricky Martin called Adrenalina. The two even grind against each other in the music video, with Ricky Martin taking a tantalizing nibble on J Lo's ear.

J Lo recently promoted her new song at an L.A. radio station.

It certainly sounds like Jennifer Lopez's upcoming album might even be too hot to handle. Featuring all these steamy songs--plus French Montana--it is likely destined for the top of the charts. And I Luh Ya PaPi is probably set to become a very familiar spring and summer tune.

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