Jennifer Lawrence's Nude Scandal To Have Legal Ramifications


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NOTE: Yes, Jennifer Lawrence's nudes leaked. No, the actual pics will not be posted because her lawyers have already promised to bring down police, lawsuits, Hell fire, and never before seen Twilight footage crashing down on anyone who shares the images.

...Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the picture. Shit has gotten real, and some of us aren't looking to be sued.

Yet again we have a creepy hacker leaking nude pics of unsuspecting women celebrities. This one coming to us by way of troll central aka 4chan.

This anonymous hacker claimed to have access to ALL KINDS of nudes stolen from the likes of Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, and Jennifer Lawrence.

It is Jennifer Lawrence’s alleged nudes that have captured the attention of practically the entire internet.

Apparently the idea that America’s Sweetheart and Mockingjay may be anything less than a goofy virgin has put people into something of a tizzy.

It should be noted that the shock wasn’t enough to keep persons from viewing or even sharing the images through various social media sites.

Now, if you thought Lawrence’s people were going to sit idly by while the gossip sites and thirsty fanboys spread her goods around, you were wrong!

TMZ said that representatives of the 24-year-old actress told them in an exclusive statement that “the authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence."

Speaking of TMZ, at least one person accused the gossip site of being the alleged origin of the leaks.

According to internet celebrity Callum McGinley's recently departed Twitter account:

"TMZ are going to post nudes of like 20 celebs tonight. They are offering the guy who hacked the phones of celebs 6 figure sums to sell them."

It was shortly thereafter that McGinley's account went POOF!

Apparently he made the rather short-sighted decision to re-post leaked the nudes himself. This led to his account getting reported and eventually suspended.

He's not alone as websites, social media accounts, and articles featuring the uncensored images are vanishing left and right.

Seriously folks, don’t mess with Jennifer Lawrence’s legal team. They will ruin your life and your internet!