Jennifer Hudson Says Goodbye To Weight Watchers

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After four years and a new svelte figure, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson and Weight Watchers are parting ways.

Hudson says the experience being the company's ambassador was tremendous, but due to the other projects she has on the shelf, she wants to step down. But there's no hard feelings, she says.

"My experience with Weight Watchers has truly been life changing," stated Hudson. "I am grateful for what I have learned throughout the process and will always take it with me. I have chosen to step away from my role as ambassador and I am excited for the year to come, with many new projects and lots of new music."

In a 2012 interview with the Huffington Post, Hudson said she wasn't used to being told how wonderful she looks.

People commenting on my looks "can get overwhelming at times," she admitted. "At times I'm still trying to catch up mentally. I'll be like, 'Why are you saying that? I didn't put on anything special today,' and then I'll be like, 'Oh right, I forgot I have a new appearance now.'"

And Hudson said getting her family to lose weight was probably the best part of working with Weight Watchers, because a lot of them are really healthy now.

"Over 175 family members and they've lost over 2,000 pounds collectively," said the former American Idol contestant. "I'm so proud of all of them. They've all supported me in everything I've ever done, so I was blown away when they decided to take this journey seriously and do Weight Watchers."

But despite losing all of that weight--which happened to be about 80 pounds or so--Hudson says she's sad that society is so body-conscious, and it bothered her that people treated her better after she lost weight.

"I always say you never understand unless you've been on a journey like this," she said. "People are friendlier; there are more opportunities, more flexibility in so many different ways. I think it's messed up that people are so image-driven and your appearance affects the way people treat you. It's crazy and it may be something we do subconsciously."

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