Jennifer Garner Reunites With "Alias" Co-Star

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Jennifer Garner reunited with her Alias co-star and TV dad, Victor Garber, for lunch on Thursday.

For fans of the early 2000's spy show, the reunion was a sweet reminder that they just don't make those shows like they used to.

Alias fans can enjoy some pics of the reunion and remember what it was like to watch these two work out their paternal issues on TV as Sydney and Jack Bristow.

Jennifer Garner seems very sweet in real life, and it looks like she likes to make friends and keep in touch with her colleagues and co-stars.

This impromptu reunion is proof that Jennifer Garner must have grown pretty close to her Alias co-star, and Victor Garber seems to be quite fond of her as well.

However, Garber is not the only Hollywood co-hort that Jennifer Garner has charmed over the years.

Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have warmed up to Jennifer Garner, as well, even though Paltrow used to date Jennifer Garner's husband, Ben Affleck.

She once said of Affleck's relationship with her parents, "I think they appreciated how he's super intelligent and he's really talented and funny."

She added, "They loved him, but they were okay with us not being together."

While Ben and Gwyneth (Beneth? Just throwing it out there) weren't meant to be, she is still friends with him, and now with Jennifer Garner.

"I'm friends with [Ben] still," Paltrow said. She said he has settled down since then, and "his wife is awesome!"

She added of Jennifer Garner, "Not only is she beautiful, she's so warm and she cooks, and she's so into her kids. She's hilarious... I had a girls dinner before this summer. (She's my neighbor.) I really like her a lot."

What do you think of Jennifer Garner? Wouldn't you like to know her in real life?

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