Jennifer Esposito: New Husband And New Show?


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Everyone congratulate Jennifer Esposito: It looks like she’s getting married!

The actress just announced her engagement to gorgeous male model and boyfriend Louis Dowler.

The two have been together since 2012 and it’s clear that Dowler can’t see himself with anyone else but the lovely actress.

Katie Couric shared the news with viewers when Esposito appeared on her show on Thursday in an effort to promote more discussion about Celiac's Disease. Esposito showed off her engagement ring, confirming the happy news.

Prior to falling for fiance Dowler, The 41-year-old actress was actually married to A-list actor Bradley Cooper.

Can we all take a minute to be utterly jealous of Esposito’s love life?

Although Esposito was eager to share her good fortune, she’s been tight-lipped as to the time and place her and her beau will be married.

Esposito has also been in the news recently due to being cast in an upcoming NBC show called Taxi Brooklyn. The action-comedy series set to premiere on June 25th.

Esposito will play the role of Cat Sullivan, described as a “tough New York detective”. The character will work with a taxi driver, played by Jacky Ido, to solve various murder cases.

Both the "mysteriously dead parent" and “unlikely partner” aspects of the show sounds like it might be a Castle clone. Not to mention buddy cop show Number 9,9423,432,524.

It could be that Esposito just does “tough woman cop” very well. When the showrunners for Taxi Brooklyn wanted someone to play that sort of policewoman, Esposito likely seemed like a natural fit. To her credit, she's played several policewomen during her acting career.

Even with the skepticism, there is quite a bit of buzz surrounding the show. Perhaps it would be best to actually check it out before writing it off due to a perceived lack of originality.

In any case, congratulations to Esposito. Hopefully her upcoming marriage and show will both be hugely successful!

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