Jennifer Connell: Woman Who Sued Nephew over Hug Loses Case


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If you think your Aunt is a terror, wait until you hear about this one.

A New York woman has lost her case against her 12-year-old nephew, whom she sued for negligence in a incident that caused her to break her wrist.

Jennifer Connell claimed that her kin, Sean Tarala, was liable for breaking her wrist when he jumped into her arms at his own birthday party four years ago. The leap allegedly caused Connell to fall to the ground, injuring herself. Apparently, his excitement was negligent.

She called it a "forceful greeting" in the lawsuit.

Connell sued her nephew for $127,000. According to the Connecticut Post, she described her nephew as "very loving, sensitive."

So much so that she felt compelled to sue him.

“We do not take great pleasure in bringing a minor to court,” said Connell’s lawyer. "She is not here enjoying a moment of this. But Sean should have known better. We have rules for children. He was not careful. He was unsafe.”

But in news that should shock literally nobody, Jennifer Connell has lost her suit.

According to the NY Daily News, it took a jury just 25 minutes to reach a decision.

Sean was not present when the decision was read.

The hashtag #AuntFromHell was briefly trending on Twitter.