Jennette McCurdy Tweets That Ex Is "So Ugly"

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Jennette McCurdy is active on Twitter and posts everything from crazy pictures to her random thoughts. While most of her posts are all in good fun, every now and then she crosses the line and posts something that could be considered offensive.

On one of her most recent posts, McCurdy talked about her ex and described him as being ugly. Most people assume she was referring to her ex-boyfriend, Andre Drummond.

Drummond and McCurdy dated for a few months, but broke up after they realized there was no chemistry between the two. Drummond did not acknowledge the comment and due to McCurdy's sense of humor, she may not have meant it towards him or anyone in particular.

The two have had a rough break up and back in March when racy photos of McCreedy were leaked online, she blamed Drummond for leaking them. Drummond said that he did not leak the photos and said little more about the incident.

“I want nothing to do with her or the situation. I’m just worried about ball,” he said.

McCurdy has made other strange posts on Twitter that seem to be aimed at someone, but does not call them by name. In May she posted another Tweet that she seemed to hope would clear up any misunderstandings from past and future posts.

Do you think McCurdy's Twitter post was directed towards Andre Drummond or was she just being her normal silly self and just posting for laughs?

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