Jennette McCurdy: Only Latest Nickelodeon Scandal

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When it comes to child stars and teen idols, many assume that it is Disney's young stars that are more prone to scandals. From Mickey Mouse Club alumni Britney Spears to former Even Stevens star Shia LaBeouf, it seems growing up a Disney idol will inevitably lead to trouble at some point.

Not so fast!

Over at rival Nickelodeon Studios, young stars are just as likely to put their foot in something that isn't green slime.

Jennette McCurdy, star of iCarly and more recently Sam & Cat, says that her issue with Nickelodeon stems from the fact that she's not paid nearly as much as her co-star Ariana Grande.

Despite her claim, some suspect her leaked pictures are what's endangering the future of her popular Nickelodeon show.

Regardless of whether or not the photos are causing the renewal delay, McCurdy's underwear pics are just the latest scandal for young stars associated with the network:

Jamie Lynn Spears's Pregnancy - Many whispered that Jamie Lynn Spears only landed her show Zoey 101 because of the fame of her big sister, Britney. However, Jamie Lynn soon grew to be famous in her own right thanks to the hit Teen Nick series.

When the Britney Spears meltdown became big news, it seemed to everyone else that then 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears was a stable role model for kids who'd never do anything to cause any type of drama.

Then the world learned that Jamie Lynn Spears was soon going to be an unwed teen mother.

Young fans reeled, their parents raged, and Zoey 101 went bye-bye a short while later.

Jamie Lynn Spears went on hiatus to devote time to being a mom away from the spotlight. She has since married and intends to make a comeback.

Amanda Bynes Meltdown - Amanda Bynes was the apple of Nickelodeon's eye for a long time, going back to her starring role on popular variety show All That. She was eventually given her own series, the wildly successful Amanda Show.

Between her popular Nickelodeon show and her burgeoning movie career, Bynes's fame was exploding and she was a household name. This left the young actress nowhere to go but down.

From 2012 into 2013, Bynes's behavior was growing increasingly bizarre in nature, leading many to speculate that the former child star was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Then on July 24th, 2013, Bynes started a fire in a neighbor's driveway. After nearly harming herself and her dog, Bynes was placed under 72-hour observation. Eventually she was sent to a treatment facility to recover from her various issues. Bynes's mother was granted temporary conservatorship over her affairs.

Bynes seems to be faring much better these days. She's retired from acting in favor of pursuing a career in fashion.

While Jennette McCurdy may be entangled in a scandal of her own right now, she can take heart that other Nick stars have experienced much worse and yet turned things around for themselves.

Are there any other Nickelodeon scandals that you recall? Share them below!

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