Jenelle Evans: Veteran Death Insult Going Too Far?

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Jenelle Evans was caught on camera earlier this week fighting with her fiance, Nathan Griffith's, family members.

Not a great way to start off a marriage. However, this nasty brawl, which happened in St. Thomas, may have been called for.

Apparently, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith planned a trip to St. Thomas and invited two friends. Then these "friends" began charging expensive stuff, like pricey dinners among other things, to her credit card.

But, that wasn't all. These friends also appear to have had a free ride over there, as Nathan reportedly paid for their tickets with Jenelle Evans' money.

“When Jenelle first got there, everything was great. Her fiance’s friends, Candace and Patrick, flew in from Kentucky and met them there. They’re married. Nathan was in the military with Patrick,” Evans’ friend told Radar.about the ill-fated trip.

Tan and loving every second of it with my best friend.

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The friend continued, “Jenelle found out that Nathan had paid for their tickets … It was like a free vacation for their friends.”

Not surprisingly, it didn't stop there. Give freeloading friends an inch and they'll take thousands, right? Jenelle Evans' "friends" began charging all kinds of stuff to her account.

“They charged all of their drinks to Jenelle’s card. It was a $500.00 tab. And Jenelle paid for the engagement dinner they all went out to. It was $600.00 and no one gave her or her fiance money towards it,” Radar's source said.

Before the Sea Trek and the crew

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When the hotel refused to put a stop on her card, Jenelle Evans tried to take matters into her own hands. She sent a text to her future sister-in-law, who was also on the trip and helping herself, to ask her to stop charging stuff to her account.

It didn't go well.

Ready for Sea Trek !

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“Jenelle texted [Nathan’s sister-in-law] Paula,” the same source spilled. “And she informed Paula that her card was on the hotel room and … to please not charge anything. Paula responded with a nasty text … Jenelle asked her to stop, and informed her that if she didn’t, she would have her escorted out of the trip. Paula responded with another nasty text.”

And that, ladies and gents, is what caused this lovely NSFW encounter:

Here's what Jenelle Evans' friend claimed happened, since the video is hard to see.

“She flipped out and yelled at Jenelle that she didn’t deserve her kids, she would make sure she never got custody of her son Jace back, and that she would make sure Jenelle lost custody of her and Nathan’s son, Kaiser. Then, [Nathan’s brother] Noah got involved and started yelling with her that he would let Paula ‘beat Jenelle’s a**’ and that ‘Jenelle deserved to get her a** beat’ and ‘didn’t deserve her kids.’ They kept dogging her.”

The friend continued, “Nathan’s brother, Noah, [a veteran], started making comments about Jenelle’s son and how no one ever loved Jenelle. She got pi**ed and said something along the lines of, ‘You know what? I wish you died in combat.’ Jenelle also mentioned she heard his best friend died in combat. She didn’t get to even finish speaking before Noah tried to attack her, attempting to run through security. This was after Paula had already tried the same thing!”

Ah, the life of a Teen Mom star.

No, thanks.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' clash with her fiance's friends and family? Do you think they deserved a little of Jenelle's verbal abuse? Or did she overreact and cross the line with the veteran remarks?

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