Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant And In Jail


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No surprise here...Jenelle Evans, from MTV's Teen Mom 2, has been arrested again, making this her tenth arrest in only three years.

The news of Evans' arrest comes merely one week after she announced that she was pregnant with baby number two with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Apparently, Evans and Griffith were outside arguing loudly and a neighbor called the cops. After arriving at Evans' home, the police arrested Evans for breaching the peace.

Despite the allegations, Evans took to Twitter to explain what really happened. She said that she had not been outside all day, and that her neighbor only called the police to sell a story to the media. She claims that the police are even annoyed from the constant calls from her neighbor. "Dude u can say what u want," Evans said. "The cops r sooooo annoyed by my neighbor constantly calling the cops on our dog and shit.."

Last week, Evans spoke to MTV about her current pregnancy, and explained why she and Griffith decided to have a baby. “We just want a child of our own that we can raise together as a family, and we want a stable relationship for Jace and his daughter,” she said. “We just want to settle down.”

Evans also talked about her very public image, and how far she has come since her days on Teen Mom 2. “I’ve got my life together now, and I’m a different person from what they’ve seen,” she said. “I just can’t wait for them to see how much I’ve bettered my life. I understand if they judge me now, but they won’t judge me soon.”

Image via Twitter