Jenelle Evans: Fiance Depressed Before His Arrest?

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Jenelle Evans' fiance, Nathan Griffith, was arrested last week on domestic violence charges.

Griffith reportedly pinned Jenelle Evans against a toilet and forced her engagement ring off of her finger, leaving a cut.

After police were called, he told them that Jenelle Evans was the violent one in their relationship and showed them scars. However, he declined to press charges and was arrested for his actions.

Now, Nathan Griffith has taken to Twitter to talk a little bit about his struggle with depression.

Could a downward spiral of depression be what caused him to act violently toward Jenelle Evans?

1 year ago.

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

After Jenelle Evans' fiance posted this tweet, he got pretty much no sympathy.

Commentors on his tweets showed no mercy as they told him that he only had himself to blame.

One said, "I guess you should learn to think before you speak or react you created this mess now you have to deal with it I feel no pity."

Another said, in a long string of comments, "You are drowning because the life you are leading is extremely toxic. Wake the hell up. You are almost thirty years old. Take control of your life. Stop drinking. Stop going back to a toxic relationship. Get a job. Step the f**k up and take care of your kids. You are drowning because your soul can't be a peace when your life is in constant turmoil. Being a real father to you children. That is what you need to do. Stop the chaos, Nathan. Seriously. You are going to wind up in prison or dead."

Another commentor mentioned his toxic relationship with Jenelle Evans, as well.

What do you think?

Judging from what you've seen Jenelle Evans drive her other boyfriends to, do you think she is making Nathan depressed? Or do you think he has his own set of issues?

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