Jenelle Evans: Did 'Teen Mom' Star Take Nathan Griffith Back?

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Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have been separated since the Teen Mom star had him arrested for domestic violence a few weeks ago. Now rumor has it Jenelle is taking Nathan back. Is this true?

It definitely sounds like it is. According to a new report from RadarOnline, Jenelle Evans is welcoming her baby daddy back into their home as soon as a judge lifts the no-contact order she took out against him.

Doesn't that sound like true love?

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith had some sort of altercation during which he ripped her engagement ring off her hand while she was pinned to a toilet.

Yes, that definitely sounds like true love.

“Jenelle is taking Nathan back,” a source tells RadarOnline. “They are working things out.”


“Jenelle decided to take Nathan back because they have a family and a house together,” the source adds. “Jenelle loves her life. And it’s hard enough for Jenelle living without Nathan now.”

So how have Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith been able to work things out if she had a no-contact order issued against him?

“Jenelle and Nathan have not been speaking directly to each other, but Jenelle has been speaking to Nathan’s friend Josh, who Nathan is currently staying with,” the source says. “Josh tells Jenelle how Nathan’s been feeling and that Nathan said he wants to work it out.”

Well, of course. This makes perfect sense in the world of Teen Mom stars--right?

Jenelle Evans reportedly even has her engagement ring back from Nathan Griffith, too. Maybe this 'Josh' brought it over, had her sit on the toilet, and placed in on her finger for Nathan?

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans got engaged in January. They have one son, Kaiser, who is eight months old. Jenelle Evans is also the mom to another son--five-year-old Jace. Her mother has custody of Jace, but Jenelle is hoping to win back custody. She stands a really good chance in light of her recent altercation with Nathan--right?

Sarcasm duly noted?

What do you make of this Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith reconciliation? Is it destined to go the way so many things borne of the Teen Mom franchise go--swirling right down that proverbial toilet?

Hopefully Jenelle isn't sitting on it when that happens.

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