Jencarlos Canela Appreciated Modern Spin In "The Passion"

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Jencarlos Canela was proud to be part of Tyler Perry's The Passion on Sunday.

Playing Jesus, Jencarlos Canela took on a role that is a huge honor and very hard to perform and make everyone happy while doing it.

Jencarlos Canela, despite the pressure, portrayed a loving Jesus in a modern world.

He said, "To be playing the role of Jesus Christ is a huge honor and to do it through music, which is what I've done my whole life, is an even bigger honor."

A very emotional moment portrayed beautifully by @jencarlosmusic. #ThePassionLive

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He added, "We continue to use music in this case to spread a message that I think we need, I know I need. These messages of love, of hope, of acceptance, forgiveness—it's the biggest story ever told!"

Jencarlos Canela was excited to bring the biggest story to a new generation that may not be as familiar as the previous generations with Jesus' last days.

In fact, Jencarlos Canela pointed out that the story is not just about the historical sequence of events, but also includes applications for life.

He said, "Whether you are religious or not, whether you are a believer or not, this story has so many life lessons in it. He understood that we were one. It's not about the color of your skin. It's not about the shape of your eyes. It's not about the accent."

So powerful. Thank you @jencarlosmusic for this breathtaking performance! #ThePassionLive

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He added, "He doesn't hear any of that. He doesn't see any of that and I think we need that in today's America. We are a very diverse country and we need to accept and embrace it."

The Passion was filmed in New Orleans and had an interesting cast including, besides Jencarlos Canela, Prince Royce, Chris Daughtry, Seal and Trisha Yearwood among others.

Tyler Perry made a great choice for Jesus in Jencarlos Canela, as well as a great choice in location.

Thank you @tylerperry for hosting and narrating #ThePassionLive so beautifully!

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While New Orleans seems unlikely, it was perfect for Tyler Perry.

He said of New Orleans, which was all but submerged after Hurricane Katrina, "I don’t know of a better backdrop than New Orleans. This city literally rose again from a liquid grave."

He added, "So to have the story of Jesus Christ’s suffering and resurrection told in this city, I just thought it was perfect. And that was one of the deciding factors to me saying yes to the project."

Did you see Jencarlos Canela in The Passion on Sunday? What did you think?

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