Jemima Kirke Shares Personal Abortion Story For PSA

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Jemima Kirke, who stars on the HBO hit Girls, opened up recently about a very personal subject for a PSA filmed for the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Kirke revealed that she had a pregnancy terminated while in college because she didn't feel like she was able to care for a child during that time in her life.

"I wasn't sure I wanted to be attached to this person for the rest of my life. My life was just not conducive to raising a healthy, happy child. I just didn't feel it was fair. So, I decided to get an abortion," she shared. "I still see shame and embarrassment around terminating pregnancies. So I have always been open about my stories. Always shared them, especially with other women."

The video is part of the group's Draw The Line campaign, which encourages people to educate themselves about reproductive rights. Kirke has long been open about her life and her body, posing in her underwear while heavily pregnant with her second child in 2012 for Vice Magazine.

The actress was also open about her past drug use for the interview, saying she wasn't able to continue living a normal life at the same time.

"I think that way of life stopped working for me really quickly. Some people know how to balance things, at least enough to be able to continue messing around, but I didn’t," she said. "I was very all-or-nothing about it, and you burn out really quickly if you keep going that way. It really f**ked me."

Jemima Kirke said in 2012 that even though she was grateful for the opportunity to continue acting on such a successful show, she has never considered it her career. At heart, she's an artist.

"My art has always been my top priority and I have far more experience in that field than I do in film. It’s hard to explain without sounding like a dick. I’m not that person. I’m really grateful for such enjoyable work, I just don’t feel as though I have any clout as an actor. I haven’t earned it, and I don’t intend to," she said.

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