Jeff Kent Will Appear on Survivor

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Former San Francisco Giant Jeff Kent is reportedly going to be on the next season of Survivor, according to NBC. Fan Site says the former MVP second baseman will be going to the Phillipines for next season's show.

Kent will be joined by Miss Delaware Katie Hanson, "The Facts of Life" star Lisa Weichel, and former Miss Teen USA Angelia Layton as the list of celebrities begins to come together for the aging reality TV program. Both CBS and Kent have not commented on the rumor.

Kent is an avid outdoorsman, who enjoys fishing and hunting in his spare time. He lives in Texas, but grew up in Huntington beach.

Yahoo Sports is currently listing their reasons why Kent would make a good survivor cast mate, and most of them aren't very flattering:

They say that Kent is a liar when he needs to be, citing that he once lied about breaking his wrist while riding his dirt bike by saying he fell while washing his truck. He also won't back down from a fight, as he is notorious for butting heads with Barry Bonds in a very public spectacle.

Love him or hate him, you will get a chance to see him on the shows 25th season this fall. He will be joined by three former survors that didn't make it: Jonathan Penner, Russel Swan and Mike Skupin.

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