Jeff Garcia, Former QB, Wants To Return To The NFL

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Earlier this week, Jeff Garcia told a Cleveland radio station that he would be a good option to help the Cleveland Browns out with their quarterback troubles.

It sounds as if the 43-year-old former NFL quarterback still thinks he has what it takes to be a quarterback in the league, and was not kidding when he made that offer to the team.

The Browns have certainly had a good deal of trouble on the offensive side of the ball during the 2013 season.

They started the season 0-2, when Brian Hoyer came in to replace Brandon Weeden and led them to a two game winning streak, only to suffer a season-ending injury in their fifth game of the season.

Speaking on why Garcia made the decision to ask the Browns about the position, he said "Maybe I'm teasing myself, or maybe it's just one of those things where I haven't completely left the game, but that's why I played for so long ... and it's hard to put that fire out."

Garcia played 11 games with the Browns during the 2004 season, sandwiched between his eleven-season career when he also played for the 49ers, Lions, Eagles and Buccaneers. Cleveland has not yet taken his offer, while their option at quarterback right now remains to be Brandon Weeden. He has certainly had his share of difficulties in the past. Their other option is Jason Campbell, who was just signed recently.

Jeff Garcia was urged by his wife, who is a native of Cleveland, to call the team and make an offer to play for them. After what happened to Hoyer, and the problems that Weeden has had, it sounded as if he had nothing to lose. He is most noted for his time with the 49ers from 1999-2003, and has been an analyst for the NFL network since his retirement in 2009.

If the Browns do not deicide to go with Garcia, they will certainly need to find something else to do, and quick. They are on another 2 game losing streak, with Weeden back in the starting position. Is Jeff Garcia what this team needs?

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