Jay-Z Has 21-Year-Old Illegitimate Son? Rapper Gets Hit With Paternity Suit

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A young man from Philadelphia has filed a paternity suit against Jay-Z alleging that the rapper has been dodging tests to prove whether or not he is the man’s father. According to the court documents which were leaked to the public, Jay-Z lied to a New Jersey court in order to dodge the paternity test. The young man in the center of the “Jay-Z love child” rumors is a 21-year-old aspiring rapper named Rymir Satterthwaite. According to Satterthwaite, Jay-Z had an affair with his mother back in the early 90s.

Satterthwaite’s legal guardian and paralegal, Lillie Coley, filed the civil lawsuit on his behalf back in December of 2014. They have been urging Jay-Z to take the paternity test since 2010, after another man who has been paying for Satterthwaite’s child support failed a DNA test proving that he was not Satterthwaite’s father.

The case was eventually dismissed by New Jersey Superior Court Judge Edward McBride Jr. on the basis that Jay-Z’s attorneys argued that he was living in Manhattan at the time and that McBride did not have the jurisdiction to preside over the proceedings.

After the dismissal, Coley filed her suit claiming that Jay-Z provided fraudulent information. According to Coley, the address that Jay-Z gave the judge was actually listed for offices that he owned.

The legal documents were leaked on Wednesday. An unidentified family friend told the National Enquirer that the recent allegations may put a strain on Jay-Z’s marriage to Beyonce. “Beyonce is in pieces over what a divorce means to her,” the source said. “But if Jay-Z has fathered a love child, I’m sure she wouldn’t have any option. There’s only so much anyone can take!”

Back in 2011, rumors surfaced claiming that Jay-Z fathered a young boy with Trinidad model Shanelle Scott. Jay-Z never admitted that he was the father, but he paid Scott $1 million to keep his name off the birth certificate.

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